Great California Collection


$3.39 sq. ft.

$126.79 per-carton

37.4 sq ft per-carton

Actual Area (sq. ft.)
Total Price

The Republic Great California Oak collection, with its beveled edges and realistic grains, looks practically identical to real wood flooring, but is far more durable and affordable than ever AND is 100% waterproof! Republic’s new Extra-Wide floor features wider and longer planks for a more authentic old-floor look and feel.

Republic’s Pure SPC floors are stronger and snap into place much easier than other floors.

They also last longer and true to the Republic way, are completely green.

The prices are listed per square units, however the item is purchased at the per-carton price.

If you room is 10×10, this will equal 100 sq. ft. net, you would want to purchase at the minimum 10 % more product to cover waste.


100 x 1.10 = 110