Let Us Handle Your Flooring Installation Needs

Rivera’s Fine Flooring Installation Process

We are a California-based residential and commercial flooring company. At Rivera’s Fine Flooring, we deal with ceramic tile installations, lamination, hardwood refinishing, carpet installations, and sheet vinyl and WPC flooring installations. We have been serving clients across a 100-mile radius for the last twenty years in California.

We maintain professional relations with quality installers, who help you with flooring purchase and installation. Our pricing is also affordable and convenient, ranging from $500 to $20,000 plus, depending on the material and size of the flooring.

Methodical Steps

At Rivera’s, quality is guaranteed. Our installation technicians guide you through the following steps.


Prior to the installation date, we help you empty closets, remove items from under beds and bed coverings, and other small furniture. We also move large items for an additional charge.

Proper Power

Just before installation takes place, we make sure that there is adequate power, light, ventilation, and heat availability.

Floor Preparation

We will check your floors for any necessary grinding or leveling work.


We acclimatize your floor after installation. Usually, solid wood floors or unfinished nail-down flooring require a period of one to two weeks.

Clean Up

After installing, we offer a post-installation clean-up and a final clean-up of scrap materials.